Working on photos to post

I had the idea that if I edited a trip a day I could pick photos to upload.  I pick my Nova Scotia trip with Laurie, Wes and Jeff from last Fall.  I got a good start and 5 hours later I had photos to post but I maybe half way thru the trip.  There is a ball game so looks like TV and Editing for me tonight.  So I am going to own up I had a web site for 2 year with an other company.   I did not add Photos except for the bike guy event. Pedal for Parkinson.  But I have to say the Format has been very helpful and just the fact  they email and have a green button  for help in the lower corner is so comforting.   So in the last   week I had posted XXXX   more photos to this web site  hen I did to the other .   So pat on the back time,  well rub down would be nice , oh well.  Cheer john 

Getting Started with

Well I am moving my site to  I get Lightroom cc (vs 6) and Photoshop   and the mobile app with adobe at a great price . My hope is that I will use this more then and Squarespace site.   We are in learning this site , with so many choices .  Good new is we have photos .